The Fool is the story of Danny, a young lawyer from Sydney, Australia, who cannot find meaning in his life or work anymore. His wife has left him, and everything seems to be going wrong. He is having nightmares and spends most of his nights sleepless. In the middle of chaos, Danny has a recurrent dream about a homeless man, that wakes him up terrified in the night. The doctors want to put him on medication. His wife and friends agree on that.
But Danny decides to disregard the doctors advice and go look for his homeless uncle in New York. To do that, he has to leave his job and talk to his friends, wife, and family about his crazy plans. Everyone thinks Danny is making up stories in his mind. But is he?
A letter from his uncle hides clues for Danny to track him down. He decides to embark on a trip to find him. During the actual trip, Danny has to fly to New York, putting his life in danger searching for his homeless uncle in the streets. During his trip, he has to go deep within, discover his true self, and find the meaning of life. Magical things happen to Danny when he decides to follow his intuition: synchronicities, serendipities, and miracles occur. He sees life from a totally different perspective.
Follow Danny from a bar called Elite in North Sydney to the streets of New York, to the pub called Gods Nest, where he is desperately trying to locate his uncle. Follow him on his inner and outer odyssey, where he has to prove to everyone and even more to himself that he is not crazy. Follow him on his journey to discover the truths and lies of his existence, and together with him, take a deep breath and take a sip of his hot soup in Gods Nest. Go to the beach with him and experience the quantum moments or epiphanies along his side. Finally, be with Danny at the magical moment when he finally finds his homeless uncle. What do they have to say to each other? Who is going to save whom?

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