Community development & story telling

When individuals unlock their creativity, discover their strengths and inner gifts and offer them to others they start forming relationships and bonds that strengthen both the individuals and the community.

Such communities act as open safe spaces where people can join and connect to other people around a common goal, respecting and valuing their individual differences, finding similarities, supporting each other, collaborating with others, working on common goals, sharing stories and making an impact.

SoulGen  has a solid experience in designing and delivering events, programs and projects using arts, story telling, dynamic facilitation and an Asset Based Community Driven Approach to engage individuals and communities for social empowerment and impact.

Events, programs and projects are based on collaboration, collective impact, innovation and technology.


See some projects designed and delivered:

Arco Iris Collective Brazil (youth space)

This is a project designed and delivered in Guararema, a rural area in Brazil. Dimitrios delivered creative development  workshops and supported  young emerging  artists to form a collective and offer performances for local disadvantaged communities creating social connections, inspiring hope and offering opportunities to the young artists for personal and professional development.

Everyone has a story (mental health)

Everyone has a story is a strengths based innovative project funded by the Do it Differently Grants offered  by Bayside Council and SESLHD.
Grant recipient Dimitrios Papalexis used a creative, ABCD approach based on the Hero’s Journey to empower participants through a series of workshops to discover their stentghs, moved from a victimised to a protagonist role, share their stories, connect to each other and increase their well being.
The project culminated to a playback theatre performance where the participants shared their stories with the community and created a sense of belonging and hope.

Everyone’s voice counts (disability)

Everyone’s Voice Count is a commissioned project from a partnership between Ethnic Community Services in Sydney and Regional Disability Advocacy in Wagga Wagga. Dimitrios Papalexis led the collaboration  with the two organisations and other regional bodies such as Hilltops Community Centre, Rotary Clubs, local media and other to co-design  and deliver  events to promote NDIS to hard to reach communities through the use of theatre, art and story-telling.

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